BASE Media Centre is an operational system designed to help retailers commercialise and maximise the value from their owned media assets; physical stores, e-commerce websites, digital properties and loyalty data; whilst streamlining processes and reducing the cost of marketing operations.

Maximise revenue from your own media operations

Maximise sales from existing media inventory

Create and sell new media opportunities

Simple planning interface to build targeted campaigns based on available channels and inventory

Optimise revenues by surfacing opportunities across 1,000+ of stores, 100+ touchpoints and 300+ brands

Visibility of all media revenue and pipeline through integrated CRM and management reporting suite

Drive efficiency

Reduced cost of operations

Reduced administration (hand-offs and re-work)

Increased productivity from existing teams

Improved collaboration across internal departments and external partners

Touch-button access to vital management information

Integration into existing finance ecosystem

Prove and improve ROI of your retail media

Measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

Match campaign meta-data with sales data and other metrics to deliver accurate campaign ROI

Generate automated reports for each campaign

Aggregate results to inform future plans

Leverage insight to create the right campaign touchpoints to meet client objectives

Standardise campaign measurement and reduce cost

Easy to implement and complementary to your existing ecosystem

Cloud-based platform which can be implemented standalone within 6 weeks

Easy to configure to support client requirements

APIs to enable seamless integration with media channel partners

Integration to measurement providers

Media finance module to integrate with your existing finance system