From marketing agency to a revolutionary marketing software provider

BASE® Technologies was founded and launched in 2016 by two entrepreneurs, Jonathan Southcombe and Stuart Tiedeman. As owners of RMI, they needed a marketing planning, delivery, and evaluation solution to run an efficient and effective media sales and delivery operation, but couldn’t find a vendor to provide this. So, they invested their knowledge about the industry to create a platform that would address to these issues.

With 15 years’ experience in multi-channel marketing, we have lived and breathed the challenges of operating retail media centres with both retailers and CPG companies. Today, we operate across 70+ media channels, 300+ FMCG suppliers, 10,000+ stores. We understand from experience, the complexity of the end-to-end FMCG and retailer marketing eco-system: planning campaigns, selling inventory, maximising yield and managing the creative, sign-off and execution of a never-ending stream of multi-channel campaigns. In 2015, we released the first version of BASE® Brick & Click and in 2016, we released BASE® Wire under a SaaS license to FMCG companies.

Today, we continue to build our capabilities in close collaboration with our customers.

Our team

Jon Southcombe

Group CEO

Stuart Tiedeman

Group COO

David Harker

General Manager